Benefits of Papaya Fruit

Benefits of Papaya Fruit - Papaya fruit has a lot of benefits but unfortunately for the health benefits of papaya fruit is rarely known to the public . Do you like to eat papaya ? Did you know that eating papaya regularly indirectly you are caring for your hair health . In addition you can also avoid constipation , because papaya also has benefits for digestion .

Benefits of Papaya Fruit

Benefits of Papaya Fruit

1 . Helping Diet Naturally

If you 're on a diet , make sure you consume papaya fruit . Because the papaya fruit contains high nutrition and low in calories . So it is good to help your diet .

2 . Heal Wounds

Papaya fruit has a nutritious skin to heal wounds on your skin . Of course skin papaya fruit helps blood clotting

3 . Health Care For Hair

By eating papaya regularly you can maintain healthy hair and scalp . This is better than having to use a shampoo that contains chemicals .

4 . Overcoming Constipation and Facilitate Digestion

Well if it is certain that tau dong , one of the benefits that facilitate digestion . You simply consume them regularly every day to avoid constipation such thing .

5 . Maintaining Eye Health

The content of vitamin A in papaya is beneficial for maintaining the health of your eyes . So for those of you who want to have healthy eyes make sure to consume this fruit regularly
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Benefits Of Mango Fruit For Health

Benefits Of Mango Fruit For Health

Mango Mangifera Indica got where scientific. Mango fruit itself is included in the genus Mangifera which consists of 35-40 anggota.Asal origins of the mango tree believed to have originated from the Indian border with Burma and estimated to have been about 1500 years ago mangoes spread to Southeast Asia. When viewed from the physical, mango fruit has the form of a very diverse and depend on the kind or kinds. Some mango mango that is often found in the community with an elongated oval shape, round like eggs, and much more.
Benefits Of Mango Fruit For Health

In the many studies that have been conducted to prove the fruit is very beneficial for our health and beauty. That is because a lot of the content in this fruit. Well before knowing the benefits of mangoes is better to first know some of the content of mango fruit following.

Mango Nutrition value per 100 g

1. Carbohydrates 17.00 g
2. Sugar 14.8 g
3. Dietary fiber 1.8 g
4. Fat 0.27 g
5. Protein 0.51 g
6. Vitamin A equiv. 38 mg (4%)
7. Beta-carotene 445 mg (4%)
8. Thiamine (Vit. B1) 0.058 mg (4%)
9. Riboflavin (Vit. B2) 0.057 mg (4%)
10. Niacin (Vit. B3) 0.584 mg (4%)
11. Pantothenic acid (B5) 0.160 mg (3%)
12. Vitamin B6 0.134 mg (10%)
13. Folate (Vit. B9) 14 mg (4%)
14. Vitamin C 27.7 mg (46%)
15. Calcium 10 mg (1%)
16. Iron 0.13 mg (1%)
17. Magnesium 9 mg (2%)
18. Phosphorus 11 mg (2%)
19. Potassium 156 mg (3%)
20. Zinc 0.04 mg (0%)

Benefits Of Mango Fruit For Health 

1. Prevent Cancer 

In mango fruit antioxidants contained high enough, where the content useful to protect the body from prostate cancer, colon cancer, and leukemia. Antioxidants contained in the fruit mango, among others, fisetin, Isoquercetin, methylgallat, astragalin, gallic acid, and quercetin.

2. Being able to lower the cholesterol 

For those of you who suffer from high cholesterol levels should be routinely consumed the fruit of this one. Because the mango fruit contains fiber, vitamin C, as well as pectin substances. As we know, the content was very beneficial for lowering cholesterol.

3. Maintain Eye Health 

In addition to mango fruit contains vitamin C also contain vitamin A. You need to know, the content of vitamin A in mangoes is very high, one cup of mango that had been cut alone can provide 25% of vitamin A intake in a day. So when consumed every day to keep our eye health and prevent the occurrence of dry eye and blindness.

4. Preventing Diabetes 

Mango fruit is very safe for consumption by diabetics because the index contained mango glycemix relatively low. In addition, this fruit will not cause insulin spikes.

5. Manjaga Digestion 

In addition to papaya, mango is also very useful in keeping the digestion in our bodies, because in this fruit contains enzymes to process proteins. Also in mango also contains beneficial fiber to improve digestion.

6. Relieves Hot Body 

You can consume mango juice when the weather is hot and blazing sun stinging. That way it will prevent you from dehydration and kidney damage, because the heat of the sun causes the kidneys to attack you have loads more in neutralizing toxins.

7. Boost immunity 

When consumed regularly then mangoes useful to prevent various diseases and infections. Because the fruit is contained vitamins C and A are abundant, but it is also enriched with content of 25 kinds of carotenoids, thus making your immune system to stay awake and getting stronger.

Efficacy and Benefits of Honey for Health

Honey is a liquid produced from honey bees and has many benefits for your health and beauty . One of the nice honey bees that produce the kind of Apis dorsata . Usually only sub - tropical areas of life and tropical such as India , the Philippines , Indonesia and the Asian region lainnya.ah Apis dorsata just kind of living in the tropics and sub ​​- tropics such as Indonesia , the Philippines , India , and other Asian areas .
Efficacy and Benefits of Honey for Health

Well after knowing a little information about the honey , it's time you know the multiple benefits of honey for our health . Here are a few benefits.
1 . Add your stamina
Sugar content in honey is easy to be absorbed by the digestive system , is useful as a source of energy causes . And even now many modern products that use honey as an additional ingredient .

2 . against parasites
The mix of honey , vinegar , and water is an herb or natural remedy to overcome msalah most potent stomach while traveling. Because the mixture is useful to fight parasites .

3 . Treatment of patients with diabetes
If you use honey for the treatment of diabetes , make sure you choose the honey which has a high quality , which is honey that has a moisture content below 18 % . And if there is an increase in glucose in diabetics after eating the honey , then reduce the dose but still continued its use .

4 . Prevent the growth of bacteria
The acidity of the honey that is 3.2 to 4.5 , with the condition of the acidity of honey have properties to prevent the growth of bacteria .

5 . Treating strep throat
Honey is a natural ingredient that slah have anti-inflammatory properties , so it can be used for the treatment of sore throat . Besides honey can also be used to cure colds and coughs . Even now many products to treat heat in the use of honey as a main ingredient .

6 . Boost the immune system
Honey contains antioxidants that are beneficial to prevent free radicals . By eating honey on a regular basis you can always maintain the health and would not be susceptible to disease .

7 . Acne on the face
You can get rid of acne on the face by applying honey on your acne , then let stand for 30 minutes and wash .

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Benefits of Cucumber For Your Healthty

Cucumber is one fruit that should be familiar to all walks of life . Almost all types of cucumbers have a physical form elongated round dark green fruit with skin , flesh colored light green and has seeds in it . But it turns out the cucumber also has tremendous benefits for the health of your body . So , what are the benefits of cucumber devastating to the health of the body .... ? ? ?

Benefits of Cucumber For Your Healthty

   Cucumbers contain a variety of nutrients that can maintain and improve the health of your body . Here are the benefits of cucumber for the health of your body :
1 . Eliminating Toxins In Body Effectively . Water content in cucumber that nearly 95 percent would have the effect of removing toxins in the body through urine and sweat that we spend in various activities of daily living .
2.Penangkal Cancer That Very Good . This is because , cucumber contains lignin which has the function of preventing the various types of life-threatening cancers such as breast , ovary , uterus and prostate .
3 . Improve Immune System In Your Body . The content of vitamin C in the cucumber real role to maintain the condition of the body that are not easily hurt or attacked by various diseases such as climate change and others.
4 . Constipation is a very powerful deterrent . Water content and fiber abundant in cucumber will help to nourish the digestive organs as well as smooth bowel movement or relieve constipation that you may experience .
5 . Control Blood Pressure Better . The content of potassium , magnesium and fiber cucumber proved very effective in treating high blood pressure or low blood pressure that is often experienced by some people .
6 . Evil lessen Cholesterol Levels In Blood . This is because , cucumbers contain a compound called sterols which greatly helped reduce the bad cholesterol that can harm the health of your body .
7 . Natural Remedies For Diabetes Patients . This is because , cucumber or cucumber contains a hormone that produces a significant role in the insulin cells of the pancreas organ you have.