Efficacy and Benefits of Honey for Health

Honey is a liquid produced from honey bees and has many benefits for your health and beauty . One of the nice honey bees that produce the kind of Apis dorsata . Usually only sub - tropical areas of life and tropical such as India , the Philippines , Indonesia and the Asian region lainnya.ah Apis dorsata just kind of living in the tropics and sub ​​- tropics such as Indonesia , the Philippines , India , and other Asian areas .
Efficacy and Benefits of Honey for Health

Well after knowing a little information about the honey , it's time you know the multiple benefits of honey for our health . Here are a few benefits.
1 . Add your stamina
Sugar content in honey is easy to be absorbed by the digestive system , is useful as a source of energy causes . And even now many modern products that use honey as an additional ingredient .

2 . against parasites
The mix of honey , vinegar , and water is an herb or natural remedy to overcome msalah most potent stomach while traveling. Because the mixture is useful to fight parasites .

3 . Treatment of patients with diabetes
If you use honey for the treatment of diabetes , make sure you choose the honey which has a high quality , which is honey that has a moisture content below 18 % . And if there is an increase in glucose in diabetics after eating the honey , then reduce the dose but still continued its use .

4 . Prevent the growth of bacteria
The acidity of the honey that is 3.2 to 4.5 , with the condition of the acidity of honey have properties to prevent the growth of bacteria .

5 . Treating strep throat
Honey is a natural ingredient that slah have anti-inflammatory properties , so it can be used for the treatment of sore throat . Besides honey can also be used to cure colds and coughs . Even now many products to treat heat in the use of honey as a main ingredient .

6 . Boost the immune system
Honey contains antioxidants that are beneficial to prevent free radicals . By eating honey on a regular basis you can always maintain the health and would not be susceptible to disease .

7 . Acne on the face
You can get rid of acne on the face by applying honey on your acne , then let stand for 30 minutes and wash .
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